Social Responsibility
Social Responsibility

1.Running business with integrity and abides by law.

CRSC is committed to the legal operation and highest standards of integrity, business ethics and industry regulation when working with all stakeholders, including investors and creditors. CRSC embraces the value of paying taxes in full amount, committing to the execution of contract, and keeping commercial credit. We are against unfair competition and business corruption.

2.Improving profitability

CRSC is dedicated to perfect the corporate governance and enhance management level. We consistently carry forward the implementation of CRSC Group’s development strategy by highlighting the strength of main business and technological innovation. CRSC has always been devoted to the rational allocation of resources to reduce operating cost with the precaution of risk prevention. Consequently, CRSC’s production has gradually been more cost-effective, and thus the sharpening of market competitive edge.

3.CRSC’s commitment to product quality and service level.

CRSC is committed to the implementation of the management system which integrates quality, environment and vocational safety. CRSC values the quality awareness in every aspect of its business from product design, manufacturing, construction, installation to customer service. We seek to deliver these core values to every employee, and at the same time CRSC strives to enhance the performance, reliability and security of products to meet the requirement of railway and mass transportation to the largest extent.

4.Reducing our environmental impact

CRSC is committed to environmental leadership in all of our business activities, including energy conservation and emission reduction during operation process. Environmental protection for CRSC means taking care of the long-term economic, social and environmental health of our company and the communities in which we operate by increasing environmental input, improving technical process, reducing pollutant emission, optimize construction methods, decreasing land occupation, protecting forests, and implementing clear production.  CRSC strives to be a leader in the industry to develop, manufacture, and market products that are energy efficient and that minimize their impact on the environment.

5.Promoting independent innovation and technology progress

CRSC is committed to establishing and optimizing its technological innovation mechanism by sharpening its capacity to be more originally innovative, integrated creative and re-innovative after introduction, digestion and absorption of other technologies. CRSC is focused on the system building of Chinese high-speed railway train control system and auxiliary products by speeding up the construction of technological innovation bases and basic equipment research and development platforms. We are making efforts to speed up the product upgrading and technical equipment modification. CRSC is devoted to protecting intellectual property rights and improving the protection of intellectual property rights system to form a core technology and product system equipped with proprietary intellectual property rights and relatively complete kit. Consequently, CRSC would play as a role model in the industry development and the Group’s sustainability.

6.Safety production

CRSC strictly sticks to the system of responsibility in safe production, increases input to ensure safety and prevents big or extraordinarily serious safety-related accidents. CRSC is also dedicated to building an emergency management system to increase its capability to face sudden events.  CRSC is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment. We equip employees with products and equipment that are safe for use. We also focus on implementing and improving processes and controls for preventing work-related accidents, injuries and illnesses.

7.Focusing on employee’s legal rights

CRSC signs labor contracts with employees according to the law. We ensures and reasonably adjust the salaries according to the corporate profitability and pay social insurance in full amount. CRSC respects employees and treats everyone fairly without discrimination against their gender, nationality, religion, and age. We embrace the value of vocational training and providing equal opportunities for them. CRSC strives to create more job opportunities for society and pays attention to the formation of employee representative congress mechanism. CRSC is open to democratic management, and we care about every employee’s mentality and try to solve their problems together with them.

8.Participating in public welfare undertakings

CRSC is actively taking part in public welfare undertakings such as poverty alleviation, donations and volunteering, and public welfare services in the areas of education, culture and sanitation. During natural disasters and sudden events, CRSC is a firm supporter of local government and railway authorities by proactively providing manpower, financial and material resources.