Capital Operation

 Project investment is mainly focused on the EPC, BT, BOT, Capital BT projects, seeking new market opportunities related to the main business and related business of CRSC.

Main investments includes: urban infrastructure construction, intelligent city construction, first level land development, urban transit, arterial road network construction, mineral resource construction and exploitation, industrial and civil architecture, water resources and hydro-power facilities constructions, etc.

Presently, CRSC already established the cooperation with the following cities: Kunming, Shijiazhuang, Harbin, ChengDu, TongRen,etc.


—BT Project of road network of Kunming Pan-Asia Finance Industrial Park

—Security Housing Project of Huacheng Community of Gaoxin District, Kunming

—Municipal Road Network Project of the Free Trade Zone and Starting Area of Shijiazhuang Airport Industrial Park

—Land First Level Development Project of New District of Tongren City

—Modern Urban Transit Project of Nanhai District, FoShan City