Information Engineering

Information Engineering:

CRSC has the certificates of high-tech enterprise and software enterprise, first-class certification of computer information system integration, certificate of computer information system integration related to state secret (confidential security monitoring), first class certificate of security engineering, second-class certificate of engineering design and installation of Building Automation System, and is capable of carrying out important communication & information projects and of providing comprehensive one-stop services. CRSC has the rich experience of system integration. As the main service provider of communication and information system, CRSC is involved into the market of various industries .

Based on the professional advantage in railway communication and information engineering, CRSC is actively expanding the market to other information industries such as urban transit and intelligent city. Through strengthening the core software and capacity of system integration, CRSC enhanced the technical content and competitiveness of information system/products. The major business in national railways are FAS (Fire Alarm System), PIS (Passenger Information System), AFC (Automatic Fare Collection), CCTV and information security system; in urban transit market, the major business are CCTV, PIS and AFC; in City information field the main business are intelligent traffic, city security, and civil services information system. With all of above business CRSC turns to be a provider of products, solutions and services for comprehensive information system in this field.