Visual Identity


Logo Interpretation

The logo is based on the English abbreviation CRSC which highlights the international nature of the company. Professional work, scientific attitude, and good and effective control are the messages the parallel lines and vigorous structure try to send. Resembling the rails, the white horizontal line, with its continuous extension meaning the unlimited space for company development, divides the logo into two parts: the sky and the ground. The inclination of the English words conveys the momentum and speed forward, which compares “CRSC” to a galloping locomotive, manifesting the pioneering spirit of the company. With the letter “R” being connected to the “rails”, the sign emphasizes the company’s core competitiveness based on its control technology and services of rail traffic safety.

Concise and precise, the logo’s concept perfectly matches CRSC’s image of being modern, international and reliable.

Though standardized visual language and systematic visual signs, this new version of CRSC logo tries to pass on the information of corporate features, operation philosophy, service aims and code of conduct to the social public, to improve CRSC’s brand image and reputation. The logo manifests CRSC’s developing nature and shows its philosophy of exploration, innovation and keeping up with the international level.