Signalling & Communication

Signaling & Communication:

With the A-class certificates on engineering survey, engineering design and engineering consultation, the first class certificates on the main contracting, railway signal project contracting and professional telecommunication project contracting, CRSC is capable of carrying out huge and important projects and of providing comprehensive one-stop services. CRSC has the rich experience of system integration and ranked the highest position of the technology and capabilities on integrated engineering in the industry of railway signaling and communication.

CRSC carried out various essential scientific projects of state level and established the related national standards. Significant results of researching are obtained by CRSC in the field of high speed railway, plateau railways, heavy loaded railways, speed increase at existing railway lines and mass transit, which becomes strong technical supports to the China railway modernization and construction of urban mass transit. CRSC frequently obtained the Country technology advancement awards, special awards on technical equipment advancement by state council, special awards and first-class awards of science and technology by Ministry of Railways, Golden Awards of State Excellent Engineering Design, National Quality Project Award, LUBAN Awards and ZHANTIANYOU Awards etc.

As a large state owned enterprise set into the industry related to the transportation safety of national railways and of urban transit, CRSC is fully developing its competition advantage of combined capability of design & consultation, system integration and installation, dedicated to improve the intelligent operation and maintenance, and expanding the industrial range of adoption. For the communication business sector, CRSC strengthens the technology R&D and communication technology application to BDS (Beidou Satellite Navigation System), produces the private communication technology in rail transportation along with the full product family, and keeps soundly voice in this industry. For the signaling business sector, CRSC enhances the self-research and develop capability, creates the best railway control technology in the world covering all speed levels, industrializes the CBTC system, of which CRSC owns the full intellectual property and becomes the leader of the railway signaling industry.


More than ten projects on High Speed Railway Lines (HSL) and Passenger Dedicated Lines (PDL), such as Beijing-Shanghai High-Speed Railway, Wuhan-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway, Shanghai-Nanjing High-Speed Railway, Shanghai-Hangzhou High-Speed Railway, Harbin-Dalian High-Speed Railway, Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong High-Speed Railway, Hangzhou-Ningbo High-Speed Railway, Xiamen-Shenzhen High-Speed Railway and Beijing-Tianjin Passenger Dedicated Lines etc.

We participated in the construction of the control system of Beijing Subway Line 1, the first metro in the PRC which commenced operation in 1971. We have installed signal systems for urban transit control system projects including Beijing Subway Line 2, Shanghai Metro Line 10, WuhanSubway Line 2 and Phase 1 of Kunming Subway Lines 1 & 2. We have participated in urban transit control system upgrade projects, including the signal system upgrade of Beijing Subway Line 1, the signal system upgrade of Shanghai Metro Lines 12 and 13, and the signal system overhaul of Shanghai Metro Line 1. We have also been articipating in the first metro construction projects in cities such as Beijing,Shanghai,Guangzhou,Ningbo, Nanning, Shenyang,Hangzhou and Urumqi. As of December 31, 2014, we had undertaken or participated in a total of 308 urban transit projects.