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Mombasa-Nairobi Railway Project in Africa Undertaken by CRSC Starts Construction

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The communication project of Mombasa-Nairobi Railway in Africa undertaken by CRSC has started its construction, indicating the formal implementation of CRSC’s Mombasa-Nairobi project. 
The standard-gauge railway project is a newly-constricted project with a total length of 471.6 km and 45 stations. The dispatching center is in Nairobi South Station. The communication project comprises of several different sectors, which are the systems of transmission, GSM-R, power source, and installation and commissioning of communication systems in Mombasa port switchyard, Nairobi south locomotive depot, Mombasa depot, and Nairobi dispatching center. 
According to the overall railway construction plan, Simba station and DK423-DK432 section would respectively be the first station and section to be built, and they would be the model samples for the rest of the project. CRSC would organize the construction meticulously and study the implementation plan of the first station and section earnestly in accordance with the requirements so as to create necessary conditions for project execution. 
In order to accomplish the first goals, CRSC’s project departments have worked promptly to establish a well-rounded management system covering sectors of construction site, technology, quality, safety, materials and equipment. The project departments would make efforts to do well in construction disclosures, training and connection between different disciplines, in the inspection of key working process, and in the collection and sorting of project office data, in a bid to make the first station and section to be the models across the whole line. 
Since Dec. 28th, 2015, CRSC has dispatched several groups of technicians to the construction site in Kenya and provided computer interlocking products for a total of 37 stations.


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