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Owners from Argentina Railway Project Came to CRSC for Visits and Training

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During June 22 to 23, six owner representatives from Argentina Railway ADIF S.E. Company and SOF S.E. Company were in Xi’an Industrial Group of CRSC for visits and training. 
Over the two-day visit, the owners had a close look at the NO.1 workshop, NO. 8 workshop, electronic workshop and Benxi Xincheng station of Shenyang-Dandong passenger-dedicated lines. They were also given a detailed introduction to the application of CRSC’s relays, microcomputer interlocking and products for train-control system on Chinese high speed railways, followed by a display of the production process of the balise and on-board card products used in the Argentina railway project. In addition, engineers from the urban transit development department conduct a training session in terms of the operation and maintenance of on-board BTM equipment, balise and its reader-writer. 
After the visit and training, owners from the Argentina railway project gained an understanding of the CRSC’s products, of which they have largely mastered the maintenance and trouble shooting skills. Hopefully this session is helpful for improving the corporate image and promoting the products in Latin America in the near future.


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