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CRSC in Africa Rail 2015

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Africa Rail 2015 exhibition was held in Johannesburg, South Africa from June 30th to July 1st.
Suppliers of railway products and railway systematic solutions from all around the world displayed their muscles at the exhibition, with two local companies of passenger railway and freight railway business as the core exhibitors. Taking with the cutting edge technology of railway signal systematic solutions, high speed railway train control system CTCS-3, urban rail transit control system CBTC and electricity integrated operation maintenance system, CRSC also took part in the competition as a proactive player.
With a capacious exhibition room in white and blue, CRSC’s publication means is various, including display boards, video clips, publication brochure, and interactive display equipment. Technical personals are ready on site to introduce to the visitors in terms of CRSC’s ability of engineering design, scientific development, systematic integration, operation maintenance and domestic standard compilation in the field of high speed railway and urban transit. At the same time, varied signaling system solutions and products of CTC, interlocking, on-board ATP applied to the high speed lines as well as urban railway were showed to the visitors. 
During the exhibition, CRSC’s “one stop” turn-key service in the field of rail transit control attracted wide attention. Hundreds of clients from South Africa’s two tycoon companies PRASA and TRANSNET, and from other areas paid visits to the exhibition room. CRSC’s technicians were more than pleasant to communicate with the visitors about the company development positioning, international project experience and systematic solutions and products. They also had deep exchanges with visitors around technical issues and both parties made the deal to visit each other, which laid a solid foundation for future cooperation. Meanwhile, a bunch of local agents (including those in good relations with PRASA and TRANSNET) showed great interest in CRSC’s products and systems and hoped to work with CRSC in the future. 
By attending the exhibition, CRSC gained a general understanding of Africa’s rail transit market and its future construction plan. In the process of seeking marketing opportunities and potential partners, CRSC further assured the huge possibility and momentum of Africa market.


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