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Harbin-Tsitsihar Passenger-Dedicated Line in the Northernmost Chilly Area Had Its Pilot Run

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On July 3rd, the whole line of Harbin-Tsitsihar passenger-dedicated railway had its pilot run, drawing a successful close of the integrated testing and commissioning of China’s northernmost chilly area high speed railway undertaken by CRSC, marking the imminent start of the line’s commercial operation.
The pilot run is the last step before the line is put into commercial operation, and also a comprehensive operation test of the whole project’s integrated testing and commissioning and dynamic detection. As the first inter-city passenger-dedicated line in Heilongjiang province, the Har-Tsi railway connects the capital city Harbin and the second largest city Tsitsihar, and goes northwest to Zhaodong, Anda and Daqing. A total length of 281 kilometers, the line is double electrified with ballastless track, running at a designed speed of 250 km/h. There are eight stations, nine relay stations, one storage yard, four normal speed station yard, one block post and four tie lines. 
The testing and commissioning of the line only took 41 days since May 23th, and all the communication and signaling indicators are in line with the professional requirements. During the work, CRSCers that shouldered the construction task were strictly included in the operation line construction management. They made full use of the window time during the night to conduct the equipment test and dynamic failure handling, which made sure zero safety loophole. All the work has won CRSC praise from Har-Tsi passenger-dedicated line company and Harbin Railway Administration. 
During the construction, CRSC’s staff overcame various difficulties from snowy weather to wet construction condition, and work with full efforts during days and nights. With the aim to build a quality high speed line in the cold-climate area, CRSC organizes the work scientifically and constructs with full circumspection, making the whole project going effectively and smoothly at every important turning point.
After the formal operation of the line the time spent from Harbin to Tsitsihar would be reduced from more than three hours to 90 minutes.


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