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CRSC Helps to Improve the Transport Capacity of the World’s Longest Loop-line Subway

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Technician from CRSC is checking technical data on site.   

Photo by Guo Changhui


Since July 22nd, Beijing subway line 10’s Songjiazhuang parking lot was officially put into use. From then, the line with the largest passenger flow among Beijing’s 18 subway lines could manage the minimum headway of 2 min and 5sec instead of the previous 2 min and 15 sec. The number of on-line train sets have increased from 76 to 92, and the operation mode has adjusted into all-day circular routing from a mixture of whole-line routing and interzonal routing. This change has enhanced the capacity of wets-east part of the loop-line by 116%, and the whole line by 8%, releasing the pressure during morning/ evening rush hour of line 10 which receives 1.5 million passengers per day.

Being the busiest line among Beijing subway systems, line 10 is the longest underground rail transit route in the world. With a total length of 57 km, it goes through 45 stations, one car depot and two parking lots. 25 of the stations are transfer ones, which connect to nearly all of Beijing’s subway lines. 
The engineering design of line 10’s communication and signaling is undertaken by CRSC R&D Institute; the integration of whole line’s signaling system and software commissioning is undertaken by CRSC Beijing Rail Transit Company; phase II construction is responsible by Shanghai Engineering Group. Phase I, which served directly for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, was finished in July, 2008; phase II was accomplished in May, 2013. The construction of Songjiazhuang parking lot was delayed for demolition reasons. 
The newly-opened Songjiazhuang parking lot adopts DS6-60 computer interlocking system and TJWX-2000 micro monitoring system which are both designed by CRSC. DS 6-60 computer-interlocking system has the structure of 2X2 out of 2 according to the principle of “fail-safety”, so have all the components that relate to safety information processing and transmission, which meet the reliability and safety requirements of signaling control equipment. TJWX-2000 micro monitoring system has combined technological means like modern sensor, fieldbus, computer network communication, software engineering and database, which provide scientific evidence for the maintenance and management of signaling equipment, malfunction analysis, and for guiding the field operation and management.
In order to release the pressure of line 10 and shorten the operation headway, CRSC organized the backbone staff, made reasonable and efficient construction plan, and arranged practical and feasible implementation programs according to the requirement of Beijing Subway Operation Company. They worked extra shifts and dealt with various challenges. Thanks to the proper organization and arrangement, CRSC had completed all the testing and commissioning work half a month ahead the original plan without exerting any negative impacts on the normal operation of line 10, which laid a solid foundation for the opening of Songjiazhuang parking lot. 
To make sure successful opening and operation of Songjiazhuang parking lot, CRSC had trained operation and maintenance staff up front, and organized professional technicians to be on duty during the opening, which ensured smooth operation of computer interlocking and micro-monitoring systems.


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