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Operation and Management Trainee Delegation from Tanzania visit Tianjin Signaling Company

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A visit to CRSC Tianjing Signaling Company arranged jointly by the transportation ministries of Tanzania and China, prepared by Beijing Jiaotong University, was attended by railway operation and management trainees from Tanzania.
The technical personnel from Tanzania visited several places such as the workshops for switch machines, humps, and electronic assembly, the quality security center, and the switch machine equipment engineering and testing center. They spoke highly of CRSC’s management, neat environment, 6S line’s field control, advanced and efficient manufacturing and processing equipment, reliable quality and safety assurance system, and CRSCer’s good mental outlook. During the visit to the switch machine equipment engineering and testing center, Tanzanian technicians paid special attention to the well-equipped and highly functional comprehensive testing equipment and the leader of Tanzania delegation immediately proposed to send their front-line operational and maintenance staff to CRSC for in-depth and systematic training of railway signal and communication theoretical knowledge and practical skills. They noted that they treasured the friendship established between them and CRSC and hoped to have win-win cooperation in the future.


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